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Storm in Paradise as Man Discovers 60 Used Condoms in His House:

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  “I Never Use Condoms with My Wife” A Lusaka man has cried out that he almost divorced his wife after a plumber removed 60 used condoms that were blocking the toilet in their house. Collage of toilet and used CD. The man discovers 60 used condoms in drainage. According to the man, who shared his story on social media, he was surprised since he is not always at home and never used condoms while getting intimate with his wife. However, the rubbers were found in the drainage after it experienced blockage. “I was told the toilet suddenly stopped flashing...

“I discovered my son-in-law, wife were sleeping in different rooms few months after their wedding, says a Lusaka woman!”

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A LUSAKA woman has shocked many after she narrated how her son-in-law, an engineer, and his wife deserted their matrimonial bed and relocated to different rooms few months after their flashy wedding. Maria Tembo, 55, said that her daughter Stellah Banda deserted her matrimonial bed after her husband Christopher Phiri failed to satisfy her in bed during the first five months of their marriage. Maria Tembo said the situation left her son-in-law in ‘mental stress’ as their relationship was tittering close to failure. She discovered they were sleeping in separate bedrooms after paying a visit to the married couple’s home....

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