Dickson Jere’s Matero Initiative“Masks for Schools.”

Dickson Jere Sylvia Miti,George Central  School Headmistress in  “Kwa George Compound”



“Masks for Schools”

George Central is a tiny school situated in “Kwa George Compound”.

It has 300 pupils in grade seven (7) and 160 pupils in grade nine (9) who are due to reopen school in two weeks time under the “new normal” as a result of Covid-19.

This means that these 460 children needs to report for schools masked-up. But most of them come from the vulnerable families who cannot afford masks.

“They fail even to pay for school fees…” says Sylvia Miti, School Headmistress.

But under the “Matero Initiative” – the banner for Dickson Jere’s community work – the school has received 500 masks today with hand sanitizers.

The small gesture, which is part of the distribution of 10,000 masks in Matero area, will be replicated in other schools where the vulnerable children go.

“Slowly, we are making a difference,” is the Motto for the Matero Initiative!

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