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Three things ‘Champions do! – ‘Recipe for Greatness’

Three things ‘Champions do! – ‘Recipe for Greatness’

Three things ‘Champions do! – ‘Recipe for Greatness’
March 24
17:19 2020

By Nelson Longesha +260 97 2560423

STUDIES have shown that man has an intrinsic desire to be a champion in every aspect of life. Champion in this context is being used in reference to dominance. Biblically, God created ‘MAN ‘to dominate in every area of life.

Interestingly, in order to be a champion, you must know what champions do. You may ask but why Nelson? The reason is that if you don’t do what champions do, then you won’t have champions have either academically, in relationship or business world.

Champions don’t live life like everybody else lives; they live their life in a certain way that distinguishes them from other people. According to Dr. John Tibane, there are only three things that champions do.

Nelson Longesha

I am sure in your mind you were thinking of a cyclopedia kind of recipe. Oops! There are only three things that set champions apart. If you understand and apply these three things that champions do, of course am not trying to point you to Hollywood to become famous. Actually, what am trying to say is that these three things will enable you to live your life at a maximum level.

Let’s set the ball rolling! Number one, among the three things that champions do is that they decide what they want. Oh yeah, decision making is critical in living your life to the fullest potential. Champions are people that have their life already figured out by virtue of making decisions that catapult them to where they really want to be in life.

Have you decided how your life should be? Have you decided the quality of a relationship you can settle in? (I hear you say ‘thank God’. Don’t smile am not talking about money here!) Perhaps in your education, have you decided the level of passing that reflects the real you?  If you are struggling with weight, have you made up your mind to get rid of it? Let me simplify it this way, if you have not decided to fight any circumstance that is fighting you, it remains a losing game on your part.

Now, in order to make sure that your decisions are solely based on your internal motives rather than external influences, Dr. Tibane highlighted three questions that you should critically and honestly answer. These are, firstly, what do I want? Secondly, what really do I want? And lastly, what really, really do I want?

Let’s zoom in these three critical questions that can help you make the right decisions. You may be tempted to think like these questions are the same but Dr. Tibane believed that they are totally different. However, he believed that in order to make sure that your motives are authentic, the answers   should be the same from the first question to the last question.

‘What do I want?’ you will be shocked that at times what you think you want is not actually what you don’t want.  Studies have shown and from experience that most what people want at first hand is what is popular, it is what is trending, it is what everyone else is doing. So I ask you, what do you want?

‘What really do I want?’ just like the first question although different in context, when you ask yourself what really do I want? The second question normally is peer driving.  Most young people at this stage throw themselves in relationships because their friends are dating or getting into marriage. I ask you again, what do you really want in life?

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela with Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda

‘What really, really do I want?’ lastly, in deciding your motives, you must ask yourself, what really do I want in life? Like earlier mentioned, if there is a lapse in answers from the first to the third question, there is a serious need to have a self-introspection.

Champions are people who have a clear outline plan for their lives. In other words, their mind is made up on what they want. What they really want. And what they really, really want in life. Upon analyzing and being clear with what they want in life, the second thing that champions do (Remember), the article is about three things champions do, now I explain the second one) is that they determine the price to pay to get that set goal.

Nelson Longesha with Kakoma Chinyama

You see, the things that you aim for in life are synonymous with the ‘prize’ and what you must pay to get is the ‘price’. Are you able and willing to pay the price for the life that you want? Are you willing and able to study hard to get that degree, diploma or passing your exams with flying colours. The paying aspect is where most people give up here and raise their hand.

As the saying states, ‘Your dream is worth fighting for’. Whatever it takes to live your desired life, you must do it. No dream was ever achieved by folding arms or by merely complaining. If you are not willing to pay for your dream by virtue of putting in effort in the actualization of your dream, it will remain a wish.

Here is my favourite part; the third thing that champions do is that they pay the price. Simple, after they have decided what they want, they determine they price to pay in order to get the prize and they pay the price. These are the three things that set apart champions. Do you want to be a champion? Congratulations! The recipe is just before your eyes. Will you be brave enough to apply?

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