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April 14
18:30 2017

Triple V Campaign Meeting with Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani — with Juliet Kaira-Chibuta, Banza Chela, Francesca Vannini Parenti and Guess Nyirenda.

Triple V Campaign Meeting with Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani — with Juliet Kaira-Chibuta, Banza Chela, Francesca Vannini Parenti and Guess Nyirenda.

By Guess Nyirenda (Mr.) – Executive Director OPERATION YOUNG VOTE
The incidences in the run up to the 2016 Presidential and General Elections and the referendum on the Bill of Rights, during the process and after, including those during the unheard Presidential Election Petition have brought questions on the upholding of fundamental freedoms of association, assembly and expression, including the respect for people’s human rights in Zambia.
What is more sad about Zambia’s governance journey is that the once upon a time strong governance institutions have been compromised by politicians.
Operation Young Vote (OYV) is perturbed at the manner the Zambia Police Service has been conducting itself as an institution in the recent past. We have observed with concern at how this very important and strategic governance institution has lowered its integrity to the point of being influenced by statement by politicians and party cadres. This is extremely unfortunate. The arrest of UPND president HH comes in the wake of a statement by the ruling PF Deputy Secretary General that threatened the police including the Inspector General if nothing was done about the Mongu motorcade challenge. We have the conviction that this was not a coincidence especially that a similar issue happened about a week ago when the police swiftly moved to block a UPND rally slated for Kanyama after a statement by the PF Lusaka Provincial Youth Chairperson – Kennedy Kamba. This is not good for PF, UPND or any other political party and Zambia as a whole.
The raid on the UPND leader’s residence by hundreds of police officers, alleged breaking of property and tear gassing of innocent family member leaves a lot to be desired. A call out would have worked as before. The alleged beating of Members of Parliament such as Garry Nkombo is also out of order.
Our considered view is that, together as a country we resolve our challenges in a more humane manner. Let’s put a human face in whatever we do. What is difficult about dialoguing? After all we are a Christian Nation.
HH and GBM 2017

HH and GBM 2017

President  Edgar Chagwa Lungu in Zimbabwe

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in Zimbabwe

What is factual also is that Zambia is under spotlight all over the world. We need to avoid at all cost to join a bandwagon of countries that war torn.
We therefore appeal to the Zambia Police Service – IG through the President who is their Commander in Chief to release Hakainde Hichilema unconditionally and without delay as this is inevitable for restoring Zambia’s peace and tranquility.
Guess Nyirenda (Mr.) – Executive Director OPERATION YOUNG VOTE (Facebook: Operation Young Vote; Twitter: @oyvleader2000)
Lotti House, 6th Floor, Suite 21, Cairo Road P.O. Box 30153
Email: oyvleader2000@gmail.com Cell: 0955/77-769 688

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