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  1. editor says:

    TOURISM and Arts Minister Charles Romel Banda, a Broadcast Media Communication says two cases of cholera were speedily addressed through Public Health Specialists in Sinda District of the Eastern Province.
    Mr. Banda praised the District and Provincial Administration instituted measures discouraging people to be at the same place in groups of more than five community members within the two constituencies of Sinda.
    Formerly, a Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), restated a need for citizens to adhere to community cleanliness tenets ascribed in 17 United Nations Development Agency (UNDP), through goal number eleven : “Make cities &human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient& sustainable”.
    Cue in Charles Banda on two cases of Cholera in Sinda
    Banda explained that the two noted Cholera cases were exported to the area by travellers from the line of rail, but the reported cases were mitigated by Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo.
    In addition, Banda, who is Kapoche Member of Parliament in Sinda District of the eastern Province, encouraged residents to keep surroundings clean as prevention of cholera was better than reliance on treatment.
    Cue in Banda on Cholera being imported into Sinda District

    Snail paced decentralization worries PNU
    By Derrick Sinjela

    FISCAL Decentralization is key to making Zambia an inclusive society, says Party of National Unity (PNU) Secretary General Kasote Singogo.
    While championing decentralized management of public affairs, Mr. Singogo says only defense and security must remain centralised.
    Singogo says a need to decentralize is imperative as communities at the grassroots level have peculiar needs, which cannot be determined by centralised government structures.
    “Zambia must decentralize as it is necessary to prioritize peculiar needs of the people,” Singogo told Radio Maria Yastani Voice Community Voice anchor Maybin Augustine Katungulu.
    Making a contribution, Bitwell Chisala, who served as Press Secretary to former First Republican President, Dr. Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda preferred a presidential or federal system of governance.

    However, Singogo said centralised government structures were established by the British colonial leadership.
    The PNU Secretary General says political parties must facilitate provision of social amenities to people.
    Singogo says Government must not hold Gods people at ransom on account of s hospital, market or road.
    Singogo prefers people being encouraged to think and survive on their individual entrepreneurial skills.
    Singogo says once focal points in the development paradigm are decentralized, through people-cantered decision making, bureaucracy and red tape will be broken.
    Singogo says decentralization will facilitate communities holding people or controlling officers tasked with providing social services education and health accountable.
    Singogo says South Africa is decentralized to the extent that members in the African National Congress (ANC) as people are taken task on audit reports.
    Singogo says as Zambia moves closure to celebrating her 54th Independence Day on Wednesday 34th October 2018, it is imperative to place people at the centre of the decision making processes that determine choices.
    Quizzed on PNU faith on decentralization, Singogo said time had come for Zambia to let people determine their development preferences.
    The National Decentralization Policy-Towards Empowering the People, ” signed by Third Republican President, the late Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, hoped people-centrered aspirations would empower Zambians.
    While conceding that Natives Concept of the colonialists, Singogo recollected communities were not empowered to raise money locally and use it accordingly.
    Kasote Singogo proposed that the Constituency Development Fund and Presidential Empowerment Fund must be reorganized and disbursed through Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) Director General Likando Mukumbuta.
    “Empirical evidence shows that money is given on charitable basis, it does not graduate people into entrepreneurs. Allowing people to make use of their skills and intellect will facilitate communities and ordinary people to be innovative,” Singogo said.
    Singogo says lack of political will has resulted in PF cadres pocketing public money is impoverishing local authorities like Lusaka City Council (LCC).

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