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Michelle Obama Biography

U.S. First Lady, Lawyer (1964–) QUICK FACTS NAME Michelle Obama OCCUPATION U.S. First Lady, Lawyer BIRTH DATE January 17, 1964 (age 52) EDUCATION Harvard Law School, Whitney M. Young Magnet

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People Who Have Visited the White House the Most

By Alex Greer on February 5, 2016 In an effort to increase government transparency, President Barack Obama publicly released the White House visitor records in September 2009 — an unprecedented

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25 Facts About Barack Obama

By Kelsey Warner on March 4, 2016 As the final remaining year of the Obama administration is well underway, the legacy that President Barack Obama will forge in history remains

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25 Facts About Abraham Lincoln

By Alex Greer on March 17, 2016 Few presidents in American history are as revered as Abraham Lincoln. The Great Emancipator led the Union to victory in the Civil War

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Ranking Every U.S. President By Net Worth

By Alex Greer on June 25, 2015 There’s no doubt about it: being the U.S. president is a hard and

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Income Tax Employees Write To PM Modi Amid Huge Workload After Note Ban

The income tax employees associations said in a joint memorandum that they are feeling “demotivated due to shortage of manpower

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Maiko Zulu meets Dr. and Mrs Ludwig Sondashi@OR Tambo Airport

Maiko Zulu bumped into Dr. and Mrs Ludwig Sondashi (founder of the Sondashi Formula HIV/AIDS herbal remedy) at OR Tambo

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Macdonald Chipenzi questions Zambia’s AU bids

By Electoral Expert Macdonald Chipenzi, Greetings! I read with great interest and admiration the desire by Zambian government to get

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President Lungu’s Wonderful work’s cheer Emmanuel Mwamba

By H.E. Emmanuel Mwamba, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Wonderful work. President Edgar Lungu arrived in Pretoria on Wednsday

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Taxing mines is a daunting task, says Albert Halwampa

By Albert Halwampa The Government recently introduced a new mining tax regime in the 2015 national budget and the reverberations

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