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Patrick Daniel Chisanga (PDG) authors ‘The Development and Practice of Corporate Governance in Zambia – Success and Challenges

Patrick Daniel Chisanga (PDG) authors ‘The Development and Practice of Corporate Governance in Zambia – Success and Challenges

Patrick Daniel Chisanga (PDG) authors ‘The Development and Practice of Corporate Governance in Zambia – Success and Challenges
March 24
04:19 2020

The Development and Practice Corporate Governance in Zambia Success and Challenges

By Ashton Kelly Bunda

“I have finally managed to finish writing my book on ‘The Development and Practice of Corporate Governance in Zambia – Success and Challenges’, and the book has been successfully published by Pensulo Publishers. The first 1,000 copies arrived in Zambia yesterday (Friday 13th arch 2020),” says a delighted Patrick Daniel Chisanga (PDG).

“This is a fulfillment of one of my lifetime goals – to write!” Dr. Chisanga said with a second book in mind.

The book chronicles the development of Corporate Governance in Zambia over the last 20 years and proceeds to discuss the challenges and successes of practicing Corporate Governance in Zambia and across Africa in general.

Chisanga says Corporate Governance book will soon be on Amazon and is strongly recommended to everyone interested in a subject that has become critical to Economic development beyond the Zambian learning curve.

Rita Mittal said: “Congragulations…well done…

Maggie Mulenga, Congratulations! Well done my brother Patrick D Chisanga

Hilda Mdala Thomas, congratulations to you. Make sure you please reserve a copy for me!!

Mohamed Adel Hafez, Congratulations.. very interesting topic

Peter Kyle Congratulations!

Jennifer Jones, So very happy for you! Xo

Anne Matthews


Victoria Kafwariman Mwanza

Sudhir Arora


Kasaija Banage

Congratulations PDG Patrick

Madhu Arora


Subhash Arora

Congratulations.A dream fulfilled.

Ibrahim La’ah

Congratulations to you my mentor.

Kindly reserve a copy for me please, hopefully I will get it by June/July, do not forget the invoice sir.

Misael Kokwe

Congratulations, this is what we call writing

Victor Michello Sr.

Thumbs up chum congratulations

Suresh Govil


Simon David Burgess

Congratulations Pat. A great achievement

Chilupe Chomba Chelamale

Congratulations uncle D

Emman Ude Akpeh

Congratulations Patrick

Vasant Kumar

Congratulations Patrick!! Wonderful news! Wish the book all the Success it deserves!!

Victor Michello Sr.

Thumbs up chum

Victor Michello Sr.

Well done thumbs up and congratulations chum

Patrick D Chisanga

Thanks Victor. My dear old friend.

Coincidentally, I just ran into your former wife Beatrice, in church this morning!

Victor Michello Sr.

Patrick D Chisanga ok

George Kateka

Well done Batata. Congratulations.

Nick Phillips

Great achievement Patrick. For a sequel how about your Rotary experiences?

Patrick D Chisanga

Hi Nick, you are always full of positive ideas!

Justice Annel Siungwe’s Technical Committee on Drafting the Zambian Constitution (TCDZC) Spokesperson Simon Kalolo Kabanda

Simon Kabanda

A very big congratulations my big brother. I look forward to learning from the insights you have shared in the book.

Aggie Chaila

Congratulations sir.

Benedict Tembo

Congratulations Mr Chisanga

Roseta Mwape Chabala

Wow congratulations. Cant wait to get hold of the book!

Patrick D Chisanga

Hi Roseta,

Please send a driver to my office tomorrow!

David Kawandami

Felicitations to you Uncle Patrick your legacy will be highly appreciated by many lives you touched as a mentor

Charles Kapoma Nakhoze

Congratulations Director, well done!

Tolu Omatsola

Congratulations!! Way to go. Will definitely love to have a copy. Well done.

Tolu Omatsola

Annety Kabwe

Congratulations PDG Patrick Chisanga

Victor Mudende and Southern Province PS Sibanze Simuchoba welcome President Lungu

Sibanze Simuchoba

Well done. I will read it

Patrick D Chisanga

You must, Sibanze!

How are you and where are you?

Ashok Oza

Congratulations Patrick!

Patrick D Chisanga

Hi Br. Ibrahim,

Your copy will be waiting for you!

Warm regards

Gini Major

Congratulations PDG Patrick. God bless.

Kalolo Charles Musonda

Congratulations Uncle. What a fantastic accomplishment.

Yasser Assem


Kasonde Joe Mwamba

Congratulations to you sir

Ruth Kanyanga Kamwi

Congratulations sir

Kay Kasanda

I need the book

Patrick D Chisanga

Certainly Kay Kasanda

Kay Kasanda

Patrick D Chisanga thank you. I will be waiting.

Alex Nkoenyane

Congratulations Sir PD, I am happy for the achievement welldone

Surender Gupta

Congratulations. Always a great writer

Sangkoo Yun

Congratulations !

Yvonne Chungu

Congratulations Uncle PD…We need to celebrate this.

Patrick D Chisanga

Absolutely my dear niece Mwansa!

Masautso Nyathando

The gift of the garb and power of the pen go together. Manja manja uko

Sarah Goliath

Hope I will have a signed copy of the author himself.

Patrick D Chisanga

Definitely Sarah,

Marion Bunch

Congratulations Patrick!

Patrick D Chisanga

Thank you Marion!

Hilarious Lupupa Chilanga

Congratulations PD! I need to buy one of your autographed copies.

Patrick D Chisanga

You must support my efforts Friday.

Hilarious Lupupa Chilanga

Bill me and I will pay via mtn money. I will pick up my copy when I visit. Proud of you.

June Webber

Congratulations Patrick! Well done

Jeff Kabongo Manda

Congratulations uncle.

Patrick Daniel Chisanga authors ‘The Development and Practice of Corporate Governance in Zambia – Success and Challenges 2020

Henry Ngulube

Congratulations PDG Patrick

Peter Chishimba Kaputo

Twalumba bakalamba

Victor Mulenga

Congratulations sir. I will definitely buy a copy.

Fackson Banda

Good show! Congratulations!

Frank Rothermel


Nima Oza


Sibanze Simuchoba

Iam alright and in Lusaka; taking it easy for now until August

Rex Katanekwa

Congratulations PDC

Adedolapo Lufadeju

Patrick and Petronela congratulations on this greaf academic endeavour

Ayoub Mahmoud Ayoub


Patrick D Chisanga

What will happen in August?

Gordon Barry Dowsett

Hi Patrick D ChisangaPatrick

Congrats – a monumental achievement.

We have just returned from D9370 on board MSC Orchestra. Patrick Coleman and I were chatting about you and your contribution.

Tunji Funsho

Congratulations my friend.

Stella Anyangwe

Hearty congratulations, mukwai! Well done and God bless

Jack Paul Jere

Congratulations well done God bless you abundantly.

Jack Paul Jere


Dennis Haanyika

Congratution chair and job well done. This is a great achievement.

Weddy Nanchengwa

Congratulations. I certainly need a copy.

Cecilia Zandile Zimba

Congratulations PDC. How do I get a copy?

Geoff Silwizya

Congratulations on achieving your life long dream…….I’m sure the book is worth its weight in gold

Sachin Sitaram Mangalekar-Patil

Congrts PDG

Ted Chokolo

Congratulations to you big man. Would you count me in on your autographed copies.

Lee-Ann Shearing

Congratulations Patrick D Chisanga

George Donkin

Well done Patrick

Kafula Mwiche

Congratulations you have been.at it for years only befitting that you have finally put your ideas on paper, it has a place on my shelf.

Tembi Simuchoba

Hearty Congratulations ba PDC coming for my autographed copy!

Chifumu Banda

Congratulations are in order Brother PDC for sharing your knowledge and experiences..

Flashback Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika with UPND founding President late Anderson Kambela Mazoka

Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika said: “Congrats….will buy …

Kabwe Kampamba

Bravo. We will learn from it

Priscilla Esnati Banda

Congratulations sir!

Godfrey Simasiku


Chiara Chiumya

Congratulations I can’t wait to get my copy…

Cecilia Kongwa-Nyalugwe

Congratulations . Can’t wait to get a copy!

Joe Otin

Congratulations Patrick, for this achievement and for establishing yourself as an author

Peter Chamata Chinyanta

Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika with Mulena Mamili at Chichimane-Linyanti

I have nothing but admiration and respect for anyone who can put pen to paper and succeed. Many congratulations..!

Jason Mulaisho

Congratulations PDG Patrick Chisanga… Our Mervin King.

Ibrahim Mumba

I need a copy, my wife is in Zambia it would be appreciated if she can come with it. How much?

Stanley Chiwamba

Rodney Mbewe and John Harawa see now

Zambian Children Young People and Women in Development (ZCYPWD) Executive President Derrick Sinjela stated: “Congratulations Patrick D Chisanga for compiling and publishing a book on Corporate Governance through Pensulo Publishing – Keep writing to mentor corporate governance beyond Zambia Regards, and Patrick D Chisanga responded: “Derrick Sinjela Thank you so much for your encouragement. I have already started thinking about my second book! And Grace Neo Likando Olivia Phiri, Vijumo Longwe, Chabuka J Kawesha, Rowlence Banda, David Tanje Sakala and Salwa El Haddad equally showered praise on PDG as Patrick Daniel Chisanga is referred to by peers is a Zambian Chartered accountant, General Manager of Dynamic Concepts and Executive President of Muchinga Investments. He is also chairman of Chudleigh Limited and Air Namibia, where he ensures compliance with good corporate governance. PDG has served as vice president, president and director in institutes and companies in the Commonwealth Association for Corporate Governance and the Institute of Directors of Zambia.

The Twins Foundation Noel Mwanza and Joel Mwanza sandwich Zambian Children Young Peole and Woen in Development (ZCYPWD) Executive President Derrick Sinjela at Muvi Television Tuesda 17th March 2020

Grace Neo Likando Congratulations Sir. Will grab a copy…

Olivia Phiri: “I need a copy”.

Vijumo Longwe says: “Just what I need, good job uncle”.

Chabuka J Kawesha said: “Congratulations PDG Patrick.”

Rowlence Banda says Congrats! Well done! A lasting gift to Zambian practitioners!

p.s. Sign my copy soon and I’ll collect and take a picture with you.

David Tanje Sakala prodded Congratulations. Great Job and this definitely like looks like a good read. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Salwa El Haddad said Congratulations, sure will get it, PDG Patrick. I’ll buy a copy soon.

TBY talks to Patrick D. Chisanga, Director General of the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA), on supporting new companies coming into Zambia.

Patrick D. Chisanga


Patrick D. Chisanga is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (UK), from the London School of Accountancy. He is a Licentiate member of the Zambia Institute of Certified Accountants, ZICA. He is a fellow of the Institute of Directors of Zambia and a member of the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa. He is the current Chairman of Air Namibia (Zambia ltd). He previously served as advisor to Konkola Copper Mines Ltd, KCM, Zambia’s largest Copper Mining Company from 2009 to 2013. He is the former Governor of Rotary International District 9210, comprising Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Northern Mozambique. He has recently been appointed to serve as Chairman of Rotary International in Africa. In this capacity, his mandate is to coordinate Rotary’s Development and Humanitarian Work on the African continent. Patrick Chisanga is currently Director General of the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA), responsible for promoting Zambia’s economic growth and development.

Which sectors have the greatest growth potential?

I would definitely highlight agriculture. If you consider our climate, the quality of our soil, the volume of rainfall, and the amount of sunshine, the entire country could become the breadbasket of the continent. The Zambian government has developed a farm blocks program in each of the 10 provinces of Zambia. These will be demarcated with 100,000ha of land available for investment. We have started the process of marketing the farm blocks, and are in the process of identifying a partner for our farm block in the north. We put out a global tender and the response was quite overwhelming. Today, we have shortlisted four possible joint venture partners. We will be completing the process, and hopefully signing with a partner, by the end of September. We want to see major agricultural development. The same applies to the other nine provinces. We have set up many farm blocks and there is a lot of interest at the moment. One company intends to establish a sugar plantation on a large scale, while another is to focus on producing biofuels from cassava, working with small-scale farmers. In terms of mining, the northwestern province is the new Copperbelt.

Which countries have shown the greatest interest in Zambia?

The traditional investors in the mining sector have been the UK, Canada, Australia, and recently South Africa. Most of these companies now are increasing their capability in terms of reequipping old mines, while many greenfield mines are also emerging. In terms of Europe, the notable investors are from Germany and France. In this country, we have a major French producer of cement in Lafarge. Poland has also been a new and keen entrant into our country, interested in a number of sectors. Going further east, Japan for many years has been trading in Zambia. Every other vehicle you see is Japanese. Furthermore, India has continued to be a sustainable investor, as has Singapore. In December 2014, we signed an MoU with the Singapore Investment Center to promote new investments in our economy. We have also recently received strong overtures from the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, and China, too, is a growing investor. Its investments are broad-based, across agriculture, infrastructure, agro-processing, manufacturing, and others. Turkey has recently come on-stream with strong interest in Zambia. We have enjoyed complete political stability over the past 51 years having seen six democratically elected presidents, boosting investor confidence. And over the past decade GDP growth has averaged at 6.3%, in 2014 approaching 7%.

Which large-scale projects is ZDA supporting?

The farm block program is set to become a major development, and will be replicated nationwide. In addition, the multi-facility economic zones are pulling in notable new investment. Zambian Breweries has established a $32 million malting plant there. This is significant because in the past, Zambian breweries were not producing malt locally. They would get the barley and the farmers would sell the barley to Zambian breweries, but then they would export that to Zimbabwe where they had a malting plant, then reimport it. We were creating jobs in Zimbabwe and losing value because we exported for reimporting. By the end of 2015, the new plant will be ready. In Lusaka south, we also have a major pharmaceutical plant, which is going to be producing medical drugs, which we haven’t done before. In terms of manufacturing, we can see some major developments taking place. Zambia Sugar came to us recently and we gave them a license. They are investing another $120 million to increase their production capacity at the new refinery. We also have a Chinese-Zambian joint venture keen on the cement sector with a $600 million plant.

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