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Understanding prostrate cancer, Dr. Mulindi Mwanahamuntu

Understanding prostrate cancer, Dr. Mulindi Mwanahamuntu

July 30
11:39 2018

Doctor’s Corner with Dr. Mulindi Mwanahamuntu

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WHO posted the rumors on social media that at least 21 ejaculations per month protect against cancer of the prostate? Who posted it to my WhatsApp account? I nearly ignored the post but as the cold season progressed, I noted many people were posting the same message. Why are all these people sending and resending this message? What is the correct position on this matter?

My worries have been that, if true, what will be the implication of this news to a lot of my childhood friends who are celibate priests well into their mid-fifties? I began to think of those that are incapable of ejaculating due to previous spinal injuries or spinal diseases or even general diseases leading to depressive conditions that don’t permit ejaculation. There are also a lot of people who are in lawful custody that are incapable of achieving this “protective requirement” that world governments could be putting at risk of cancer of the prostrate!

Yet another side of the coin, if true, there would be other unintended outcomes among people supporting this as an excuse to fulfil matters of unsettled passion. By the way even among people genuinely trying to achieve this limit. Already, I overheard young men in Chilenje South speaking in a colloquial language.. “ama tubes, ku Kiliya mdaala 10 times a week” meaning tubes should be cleared.

I have not been able to answer the question of “who posted” although my cousin, Kanema, posted once. In the same vain, I was unable to understand the question “why are people resending”. The search for the question “what is the correct position” was not easy either.

An internet search will give quite a number of less authoritative sources that claim protective effects of multiple ejaculations either by natural sex or masturbation. The correct position is that there are as many publications that did not find this to be true, to an extent that some of them found sex appearing to be causative of prostrate problems! At this time, there is no conclusive evidence linking frequent ejaculation to prostate cancer origin.

Dr. Mulindi Munahamunthu

There is more! Infact in treating those already afflicted by prostate cancer, all modern measures tend to lower the activities of the prostate including sex drive. The genesis of prostate cancer is poorly known but some factors relating to the natural pattern of the disease progression are well known. There are some body parts that don’t stop growing! Even ears, nose etc. The prostate also grows all the time. It is very small almost like bean seed in the beginning. But for the prostate, there are two problems with growing bigger all the time: 1. As it grows, there is no space because of the boney boundaries. So it will compress the bladder and urethra which causes much discomfort and pain and if it blocks urinary system it can shut down the kidney resulting in death. 2. As it grows, it can turn into cancer or acquire properties of cancer, with a potential to spread to all parts of the body mostly bones, breaking bones. This leads to a slow painful death.


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