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April 18
20:51 2018

By Brian Chisengalumbwe President

But generally, the question God-fearing and cultured citizens, patriotic citizens, those that genuinely love this country keep asking is, ‘How did we get here? How did we find ourselves the laughing stock of all nations? How did we allow our resources to be plundered? Be that as it may, the more important question we have to ask ourselves is‘How are we going to get ourselves out of this mess? The truth is, we are suffering for our ‘sins’ and ‘sins’ of those who have gone before us; our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and those who have gone before them. Our ANCESTORS and OURSELVES, WE continue to ignore our HERITAGE and our CREATOR. Scripture commands us to ‘adore God and those that have gone before us’. However, the power to change things is in our hands. A time does come for every nation for fulfillment (Leviticus 25: 9-10); a time when we can atone for our ‘sins’ of those of our ANCESTORS; Nations and individuals that have made the right CHOICE to repent; have been richly blessed; history is abound with such examples.

Wolves dressed in sheep skin, in their continued quest to deceive us, follow us even into churches, and we blindly assume they are like us. We should always remember that not everybody that enters the church will be saved; not everybody that enters the church is a member of the ‘flock’. Scripture tells us, ‘you shall know them by their fruit’

Like in ‘Animal Farm’, we have allowed ourselves to be ruled by wolves. Typical of ‘sheep’ that are dumb and gullible, we follow blindly without critically looking at who is leading us. Notwithstanding that we are more in number, and God has given us the benefit of democracy and the right to vote, we persistently and repeatedly hand over the instruments of power to them. We have failed, to give ourselves an alternative vehicle that represents our culture and values; an alternative vehicle in politics is a political partyfor honest people; we have lacked the character and courage to stand-up for who we are.

In recognizing that we cannot continue on this path, I (we) a citizen(s) of this country like yourself(yourselves), I (we) have joined hands with ‘sheep’ from other flock, under different shepherds, to make a stand; time for fulfillment and atonement for Zambian people has come. We must wrestle power from the evil one; and the vehicle for such a mission being a political party, we taken the initiative of forming the UNITED FRONT for a STRONG FOUNDATION (UFSF).

Without the media defining who we are to you, we have opted to engage you directly so that there is no misrepresentation. This is a Salvation Army, and we ask you to part of this army of believers to save this country; and in doing so we ask you to do your part reach out to others that need guidance. To save the country, there are many roles and duties to be performed , which we hope you will find it in your heart to perform.

We do know that you have questions that need answers. In this regard we have attached our ‘launch document’ that will answer, what we think, are your most pertinent questions, the rest will be work in progress.


Our contact numbers are President 0955664766 and General Secretary Mr Nathan Kafila 0975230048







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