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Visit to Zambia by Zodwa Wabantu

Visit to Zambia by Zodwa Wabantu

April 08
11:30 2018

Alfred A K Ndhlovu

“I am not wearing a pant here!”

BY Alfred A. K. Ndhlovu

ZODWA Wabantu was reported to have said at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) in Lusaka.

The Zulu South African entertainer, who I may call a music warrior, had actually been paid in advance to come to Zambia to perform shows at various venues in Lusaka and, perhaps, elsewhere in Zambia. Although I have not seen Zodwa performing, the insinuation I got was that her shows were sexually provocative to men and perhaps embarrassing to the women folks.

But both sexual provocation and embarrassment are neither offensive nor sins. In fact, it is not strange to play music like Zodwa does.

Zodwa is not the first woman to excite audiences with “semi-naked” performances. Tshala Muana of DR Congo was at one time invited and paid to come and perform at the MMD Fund raising concerts in Lusaka.

Zodwa Wabantu and DJ Tira

Tshala Muana’s shows were hailed as interesting and entertaining. Her semi-nude antics were tolerated. Tshala Muana’s music found a market here and I can safely say that Zambia contributed to make Tshala rich! Performers are in music to make money and Zambians have a duty to make musicians realize this goal especially with the scourge of unemployment among the youth throughout the world.

Zodwa’s shows were cancelled on account that “Zambia is a Christian nation which could not tolerate her “semi-nude antics” as they are or were sexually provocative to some “Zambian” men and embarrassing to some women in Zambia.

The question can be asked, “…is nudity or not wearing any clothes a sin?” The short answer is that nudity is not a sin and it will not be a sin any time in future to warrant what happened to Zodwa’s shows. Zodwa and her organizers at home and in Zambia were perfectly in order to organize her shows in Zambia. Zodwa must be allowed to come and perform in Zambia after all her audiences will be restricted by tickets sales.

Those who like the shows will attend and those who dislike them will stay away. It was cruel of those who stopped the shows under the guise of a “Christian Nation” ideology which does not even make sense to civilized and knowledgeable people.

Being a “Christian Nation” is defined by good behavior, observing human rights, following the Republican Constitution, treating (political) opponents fairly and much more, creating good jobs for Zambian people. It is wrong for a Christian Nation to have shanty townships or people to live in ram-shackles. I get surprised to hear that any town in this country which has a “Zambia Township”, that township is actually a shanty!

Let me quote from the word of God.

“As soon as they had eaten it, they were given understanding and realized that they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and covered themselves…

And the Lord God made clothes out of animal skins for Adam and his wife, and he clothed them.”[Genesis 2:7, 21, Good News Bible Version]. From this Scripture we can realize that nudity causes shame and embarrassment, but it is not a sin for which a person can be punished. Adam and Eve were the first human beings to wear fig leaves and later animal skins to hide their nakedness which was not offensive.

Zambia had Mr. Nkhanga Phiri of Kacholola, Nyimba, who was always wearing a hat only and rode a bicycle around without shame. He lived like that up to the time when the Lord called him. Mr. Nkhanga Phiri’s history can be researched out what happened for him to live that type of life in colonial and independent Zambia. Mr. Nkhanga Phiri is not alone in this world who lived a nude life. An American woman, who may still be living, walks around naked. She was shown on television pushing a shop trolley full of groceries. Nobody harassed her because she was neither ashamed nor embarrassed. It’s her life.

Some beaches on lakes, seas and oceans accommodate sun bathers who dress scantily to enjoy the warmth of water and sand. One such beach is Goa, India, which is reserved for those who want to enjoy their nudity. Guests go to Goa beach without clothes or cameras. Goa has existed for many years as a pleasure resort.

There are people who others call primitive societies still living without clothes and enjoying their life like you and me do. Such people are found in South America, some Pacific islands and elsewhere, [Refer to National Geographic Magazine]. These tribes or natives are perfectly happy and enjoy their nude ways of life.

Re-examine Zodwa’s visit and call her back to come and perform to the Zambian audience for her to make money. Understand that it is God who gave her that talent and therefore, she must use it profitably.








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