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MacDonald Chipenzi on Dr. Nevers Sekwila MUMBA’S ‘Political Career’ vs 90-day-detention

MacDonald Chipenzi on Dr. Nevers Sekwila MUMBA’S ‘Political Career’ vs 90-day-detention

April 08
00:12 2018

Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba

By Derrick Sinjela

ELECTORAL Expert Macdonald Chipenzi says some people are celebrating that Dr. Mumba’s incarceration has completely shuttered his political career or knocks him out of the presidential race ahead of the 2021 due to alleged criminal record.

But according to Mr. Chipenzi, currently serving as Governance, Electoral, Advocacy, Research Service (GEARS Initiative Zambia) Executive Director, the noted assumption is far from being true as the amended Constitution is very categorical on who is disqualified from contesting the presidency.

Justice Minister Given Lubinda, Bishop John Mambo and Lewis Mwape at a Zambia Council for Social Development Constitution Talk Cresta Golfview Hotel Lusaka Thursday 14 Dec 2017 pix by Derrick Sinjela

A close associate to Chikondi Foundation President, Bishop John H. Mambo, Chipenzi educated critics that it is only those serving a sentence at the time of nomination or served sentence a three year in the five years preceding the elections or nomination.

“Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba is very much in the presidential race should he decide to run for it in 2021,” Chipenzi, a print media journalist shared free legal knowledge with the Zambian electorate and armchair critics.

Explained Chipenzi: “Article 100 (2) of the amended constitution (2016) states that “a person is disqualified from being nominated as a candidate for election as President if that person is serving a sentence of imprisonment; or (i) has, in the immediate preceding five years, served a term of imprisonment of at least three years,” thus former Vice-President, Dr Mumba will by Thursday 12th August 2021, a constitutional day for the general election will not be “serving a sentence of imprisonment” as he would have served his 90 day-imprisonment by then should his appeal application be rejected and would not have “served a term of imprisonment of at least three years”.

Citing the alluded to Constitutional provisions, Chipenzi advised Dr. Mumba, who recently re-launched the Zambia Shall Be Saved (ZSBS) brand at Lusaka’s New Government Complex to be at peace.

“All those celebrating that his name will never again be on the ballot paper should now revisit their celebrations,” noted Chipenzi.

On its party, Lusaka Central Upnd viewed Chipenzi McDonald’s article as well articulated.

Banda Brighton said: “The day you will do law and become an advocate I can assure you will be next to none. You are on record of being knowledgeable than the Attorney General himself on interpretation of ministers being in office after parliament was dissolved, to me that wasn’t a guess work but a reflection that you have read widely with correct understanding”.

Chipenzi McDonald said he felt humbled by Brighton’s remarks vowing to do his laymanship best to read the law and have basic understanding of it.

Vin Thole equally said: “Well spoken, straight to the point, while Aunest Hapenga remarked: “This is what Isaac Mwanza should be doing”.

Cornelius Mweetwa with Gary Nkombo and President Lungu

KK with Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Harry Kalaba 14 October 2017

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