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UPPZ’s Charles Chanda clinches anti-Cholera SA partnership

UPPZ’s Charles Chanda clinches anti-Cholera SA partnership

February 02
21:49 2018

…and prods right to food

By Derrick Sinjela

Water Partnership

UNITED Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) President Charles Chanda has successfully managed to lure an investor involved in the purification of water and production of chemicals that fight Cholera spreading germs.

Folowing a successful business partnership trip to South Africa, Mr. Chanda, the UPPZ President indicated that he will soon be presenting the chemicals to the relevant authorities for testing.

Preaching a unified approaching to Keeping Zambia Clean and Healthy, Chanda reiterated a viewpoint that a united response will build a habitable environment for all people in the country.

“Together, we can fight and defeat cholera. As UPPZ President currently in Pretoria, South Africa will be having further meetings tomorrow with the parent company. The set up of the company will create the much needed jobs. Zambia is our territory and Zambia is our land. Let us put aside these ugly politics of insulting one another and ALWAYS looking for faults in the government,” admonished Chanda.

“As UPPZ, we are in talks luring investors involved in the production of chemicals used in water purification and fighting cholera spreading germs,” pledged Chanda.

Chanda implored elected leaders to realize that positions held were facilitated by the Zambian electorate, who deserve improved livelihood.

“Let us serve the people that have elected us. Let us make a difference in the lives of those that cast votes for us even if we did not win. Whether there is corruption or no corruption, our people are suffering and hence the need for us to see how we can easy this suffering,” prayed Chanda.

UPPZ leader Charles Chanda at National Miling Corporation in Lusaka

For Felix Banda, the development cheered him into describing the gesture in Bemba thus: “Intungulushi yakwata wisdom; literally translated as a ‘mark of good and focussed leadership. On her  part,  Mirriam Munankopa, could just peg it as-  ‘Nice one’. Thandiwe Zulu remarked: “That’s the kind of leader Zambia needs”.  Henry Ngosa Mwape’s line of commendation to the UPPZ President read: “A true leader thinks about what’s best for his people & a true leader is Mr. Charles Chanda. Love you so much Mr. President”.

In a related development, while Misheck Phiri just wrote “My President”; Chabby Chabala took the need for right to food for all Zambians. “No one should go without food in Zambia.

Being a politician is not a get ‘gate’ way to Riches but an opportunity to serve the people. Mr. Charles Chanda may the Lord take you to the mountain top even before 2021 God will speak on your behalf speedy,” said an optimistic Mr. Chabala.

In response Mr. Chanda, the UPPZ President acknowledged Citizens writing: “Mr. Chanda what you have been doing (as seen on Facebook) is commendable and a move in a bright direction for our population.  I wish to thank you on behalf of all the people who have been empowered through your activities.

I’m a civil servant so I’m not at liberty to take part in partisan politics. However, where credit is due it has to be given. May God give all the people that lead and aspire to lead wisdom to serve and develop our great nation”. 

Francis Mwamba Kope UPPZ Mansa Central Shadow MP


THE United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ)  will change the face of Parliament from 2021.

“We want the youth in Parliament from 2021. Ancestors need retirement. Those who are thinking of gate crashing at the last minute will not find room in UPPZ. We are going to be the first party in Zambia to have SHADOW MPs who will start serving communities with immediate effect. Zambia needs a change,” vowed UPPZ President Charles Chanda.

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