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February 08
19:20 2017


WEEK 1: 01 – 05 FEBRUARY

Zee World

Reach for the Star: This month Zee World brings yet another captivating story, Reach for the Stars. Reach for the Stars beautifully capture the hopes and aspirations of a domestic worker alongside the trials and tribulations of her daily life. It will showcase how domestic workers mortgage their own life to toil and tears only so that their children can grow up enjoying the fruits of education and amenities they could only dream of.Tune in every weekday from          Friday 3 February at 18:00 CAT.

Young Dreams: This month on Young Dreams, everyone turns on Gunjan except for Mayank who is determined to find out what is going on. Rajeev starts to get suspicious of Vihaan but looks like he isn’t the only one as Mayank promises to expose Vihaan. Gunjan overhears Vihaan telling his friend that he has no intentions of marrying Rachna and she works together with Mayank. Tune in every weekday at 19:00 CAT.

Twist of Fate: This month on Twist of Fate, Aliya and Tanu join forces with Neel in order to stop Bulbul and Purab from tying the knot. Bulbul comes up with a plan for Pragya to express her feelings to Abhi. Sarla goes missing and the whole family gets worried looking for her but could her disappearance be related to Pragya’s kidnapping? Bulbul and Punit’s plan to expose Aliya seems to be working. Tune in every Monday to Friday 20:00 CAT.

King of Hearts: This month on King of Hearts, It’s the day of the children’s dance competition and someone has their eye on Ayesha. DD warns Siddharth to ensure Roshni is well taken care of, but Roshni and Ayesha end up being kidnapped. The family worries about Roshni’s whereabouts and Siddharth receives a CD, could it be in connection to the kidnapping? Roshni, tries to find a way to escape, while Siddharth is on the lookout for her. Catch it Monday to Friday at 21: 00 CAT.

3 Course with Pankaj: 3 Course with Pankaj is a show that every woman would love to watch. The show has a lot of tips and experiences that Pankaj narrates from her personal life as a woman and how she manages all with so much of ease and poise. There is a wide variety of cuisines from all across the world but with Pankaj you will not only love what she cooks but you will start cooking yourself. Join Pankaj every Monday to Friday at 17:30 CAT




Fox Life

Travel Diaries: Travel diaries is a safari to the hidden treasures of beautiful country and every week is a must watch to discover a surprise undiscovered picturesque perfect venue. Catch it on Wednesdays from 1 February at 21:00 CAT


House of Payne: Atlanta fire-fighter Curtis “Pops” Payne thinks his home is his castle, but he needs a bigger moat. His nephew CJ and kids have invaded the place for an extended stay, and money-challenged son Calvin also keeps showing up, mainly around meal time and on laundry day. Thankfully, Curtis has loving but no-nonsense wife Ella to help him keep it together. Tune in Thursdays 2 February at 19:50 CAT



Pound Puppies Marathon: They might look like regular dogs, but the Pound Puppies of Shelter 17 are on a sworn mission to find some great homes for all the lonely pups under their watch! Join Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Strudel, Squirt, and Mr. Nut Nut as they attempt to match their canine friends with loving families.  Every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 CAT.


MTV Base

Newsish Daily: Don’t miss your lively latest news update on NewISH Daily! The best part is, you can catch all the really big trending stories from around the world in just three minutes. A regular anchor leads the bulletin every day and – to keep things fresh and spicy – a host of co-anchors report on everything from music to entertainment, fashion and more! Anchors have one minute to get through each story and add their opinion on it, while a graphic timer shows their progress, as well as the story they’re on, and the story to follow. Tune in Weekdays at 17:05 CAT.




The Son I Never Met: Pablo collapses in tears when he learns from the reconstruction that

Ignacio was killed with a rock, and worries that he himself may be the killer. Hans is told that evidence was found linking him to Ignacio’s murder, while an intoxicated Pablo claims responsibility for the crime. When Luz Solari visits the cliff where Ignacio died, she feels a strange pain in her neck. Meanwhile, Denisse accuses Hans of Igancio’s. Premieres weekdays at 17:10 CAT


Manual & Silvana: Majo puts in an unexpected appearance at Vicente’s house in her wedding

dress, and tells him that she loves him. Lucia takes advantage of Andres’ sadness to let him know how much she loves him. Premieres weekdays at 6pm.






Fashion Police: The 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards: Join hosts Melissa Rivers, Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski as they cast a caustic eye over the outfits from this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Who will the team pick for their Must-See Looks? And who will be named the Best and Worst dressed of the night? Join the team to find out which stars hit the sartorial summit and who’s committed a fashion felony. Tune in on Wednesday 1 February at 20:00 CAT.

Discovery Family

Kids Do the Craziest Things: Take a look at the most hilarious, ridiculous, and timeless moments of kids growing up, and misbehaving, from all around the world. Each episode showcases priceless moments of kids just being kids. From the boy who sees his new born sister for the first time and says: ‘We found a baby!’ to the child who uses the hose to wash his parent’s car – from the inside, or the twins who ‘help’ their mum in the kitchen by covering each other and most of the house in 10lbs of flour! Whether they’re cute, curious or just a little bit crazy, this series captures every mischievous moment. From Saturday 4 February at 18:30 CAT.


WEEK 2: 06 – 12 FEBRUARY



! Entertainment


Live from the Red Carpet: The 2017 Grammy Awards: Join Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic at the 2017 Grammy Awards, as they welcome the biggest music stars on the planet to the red carpet and catch up with the nominees, presenters and performers. Plus, on 15 February at 20:00, the Fashion Police will be on hand to cast a critical eye over who’s wearing what, highlighting good, the bad, and the

wackiest moments from one of fashion’s biggest nights. Tune in to Live From the Red Carpet on Sunday 12  February at 01:00 CAT and Fashion Police on Wednesday 15 February at 20:00 CAT.




The Detectives Club: New Orleans: New Orleans is like no other city in the world and for the homicide detectives working in the city, there are some cases they just can’t leave behind. In this documentary series five retired New Orleans homicide detectives meet to confront their demons they talk us through some of the most difficult, high profile and emotional murder cases of their careers. Featuring interviews with the victims’ families and friends and re-enactments, the series outlines how these dedicated men and women solve some of the most heinous murders The Big Easy has ever seen. From Thursday 9 February at 22:00 CAT.




YOUniverse : Asking the question “What does your universe look like?”, “YOUniverse” showcases space exploration from the perspective of a child through a series of educational shorts loaded with beautiful visuals and scientific facts. Each episode starts with a child describing their perfect planet, star, or thing to do in space. With the unique imaginations of each child, this series uses specific art styles to compliment the child’s imagination as well as the story they tell. Every day at 07:10 CAT, 15:00 CAT and 20:50 CAT.




The Son I Never Knew: Clara receives a phone call from a man named Patricio who offers her

information on what happened to Ignacio – in exchange for a large sum of money. Catalina and Pablo argue after she sees him selling drugs at the university. New evidence is found at Patricio’s house, and a suspect is arrested. Clara is in crisis after watching a video of Ignacio on the night he died, which shows him in bad shape, screaming that everything has gone wrong. Weekdays at 17:10 CAT.


Manual and Silvana: Silvana finds she can always rely on Manuel to make her smile and cheer her up when things get tough. Maria Jose looks for Andres to ask him for forgiveness after leaving him at the altar, but he is still too hurt and insists that she leave. Manuel finds out that Silvana and her whole family have moved out of the neighbourhood. Premieres weekdays at 18:00 CAT.



WEEK 3: 13 – 19 FEBRUARY 


Discovery Channel


Running Wild with Bear Grylls: Friends star Courteney Cox will take on the challenge of a lifetime as the nail-biting series returns. The TV actress joins renowned survivalist and adventurer Bear, for a 48-hour extreme survival adventure challenge, in the Irish highlands for the adventure of her life. The big name celebrities from the world of showbiz joining Bear include Nick Jonas, Mel B, Shaquille O’Neal and Vanessa Hudgens. From the dramatic sea cliffs of Mediterranean island of Corsica to the South African savannah and the Adirondack Mountains, the intrepid cast members will face their deepest fears and tackle everything from skydiving to abseiling, as they journey through some of the world’s most unforgiving wilderness. From Tuesday 14 February at 20:00 CAT.


Discovery Family


Pick a Puppy: Follow the stories as families search for their ideal canine companions. While on this quest, the families visit various breeders, owners and animal shelters in an attempt to find the perfect fit. As family members grapple with these heart-tugging choices, they soon discover as much about themselves as the breeds they’re exploring. The Mazza family wants a special pup for their very active family and they meet three different dogs, but can only pick one to give all of their love. Plus, the Morris-Higginson family is visited by three amazing puppies, to be an addition to their older family dog, Buddy. They get to see an Australian Shepherd, a LabradorGriffon Vendeen. From Monday 13 February at 21:00 CAT.




The Son I Never Knew: César suggests hypnosis to help Pablo remember the night Ignacio died. Maite is afraid that Pablo will confess to Ignacio’s murder while hypnotised. Antonio surprises

everyone with a police search at La Negra, and Denisse orders Güero to get Mario out safely. Hans orders Denisse to surrender. When she does, someone takes a shot at her, but Manuel protects her and takes the shot in his arm. Premieres weekdays at 17:10 CAT.


Manual and Silvana: Silvana is concerned that her relationship with Manuel could be exposed. Antonio Jose confronts Silvana about her relationship with Manuel. Silvana is surprised when she sees the photo of herself kissing Manuel. Premieres weekdays at 18:00 CAT.



WEEK 4: 20 – 28 FEBRUARY




Fashion Police: New York Fashion Week: The Fashion Police team return to cast a discerning eye over the outfits from the 2017 New York Fashion Week. Who’ll make the coveted Must-See Looks? And who will face a fashion felony? Join the team as they break down the good and the bad moments from this year’s fashion showcase. Airs on Wednesday 22 February at 20:00 CAT.


Live from the Red Carpet: The 2017 Academy Awards: E!’s Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic are back in action on the red carpet providing viewers with a front row seat to the hottest ticket in Hollywood this month: the Academy Awards! Join the team as they welcome the stars on the red carpet. Tune in on Sunday 26 February at 00:30 CAT.


OMG! Afternoons on E!: Join E! this February, and enjoy the afternoons filled with some of our favourite series. In Big Rich Texas, follow the privileged lives of five mother-daughter duos as they attempt to claw their way to the top of the social hierarchy at an exclusive country club in Dallas and deal with the drama that brews between them. Don’t miss How Do I Look, the ultimate makeover show that sees fashion victims get a major wardrobe overhaul, along with new hair and makeup, with the help of two of their

friends and a celebrity stylist. Next, in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, follow the lives of America’s most famous celebrity family, featuring an exclusive look at the private lives of Kim Kardashian and her siblings. Weekdays from Monday 27 February from 15:25 CAT.


Discovery Family


Magic of Science: How does a magician crush a ten tonne oil tanker like it’s a drinks can? Or drive a 4×4 across a swimming pool without sinking? Or make a man levitate six inches off the ground? Fusing the showmanship and mystery of street magic with the raw power of science, this series exposes the marvellous mechanics behind these seemingly miraculous feats. Each episode features rising stars from the world of magic wow their unsuspecting public with a variety of amazing tricks, dazzling displays and truly astounding stunts including knocking down a wall with the power of one’s voice and turning a silver bracelet into gold. Uncover the secrets of these confounding performances and examine the extraordinary science that makes the impossible possible. From Friday 24 February at 21:00 CAT.



The Son I Never Knew: Luz Solari arrives at La Negra and has a revelation upon opening one of Hans’s drawers. Güero approachers her threateningly, asking what she’s doing. Loreto gives Antonio and Manuel the order to search Francisco’s home, but when they do, all they find is marijuana. They take his car to analyse it. Gabriel calls Norma, who tells him that she received a phone call and knows who killed Ignacio. But before she can tell him who, she’s hit by a truck. Premieres weekdays at 17:10 CAT.


Manual & Silvana: Silvana admits that she and Manuel are in a relationship. Silvana confronts Manuel, asking him if he slept with Stella. Manuel ends up with a broken heart and without the love of Silvana. Premieres weekdays at 18:00 CAT.


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