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GBV cases irk NGOCC Board Publicity Secretary Beatrice Mulevu

GBV cases irk NGOCC Board Publicity Secretary Beatrice Mulevu

January 18
19:14 2017
Speaking at the opening of the National Women's Constitutional Conference held at the Mulungushi Conference Center 13 to 15th June, 2012, Beatrice Grillo

Speaking at the opening of the National Women’s Constitutional Conference held at the Mulungushi Conference Center 13 to 15th June, 2012, Beatrice Grillo

Wednesday, 18 th January 2017 For Immediate Release

The Non-Governmental Organization’s Coordinating Council (NGOCC) is deeply concerned at the alarming levels of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the Country.

As a focal point organization of the women’s movement in Zambia, we are saddened by recent media reports indicating that Ms Nagaad Saad, the Kafue woman who was brutally battered by her boyfriend Mr Chishimba Chibemba, aka DJ Chichi, is now vcalling for his release due to loss of economic support owing to his incarceration. Ms Saad was caught up in a dehumanizing incident of violation which circulated on social media.

First and foremost we wish to once more congratulate the law enforcement officers and the judiciary for expediently ensuring that Mr Chibemba was prosecuted and sentenced to five years in prison within a shortest possible time. We recommend that all GBV cases be dealt with as such as required by the law.

As a country we should recognise GBV as a crime against the state and no victim should have a say in what course of action should be taken against any perpetrator. We recommend that evidence collected from other witnesses be used in prosecuting these cases so that victims of GBV who use their emotions and economic benefits to decide how such cases should be deposed off, have no say in these matters.

As an organization, we further call upon government to expedite the operationalisation of the GBV Fund and allocate enough resources to the fight against GBV. Government should fully implement the Anti GBV Act of 2011 including such provisions as supporting the survivors of GBV who are totally dependent on the perpetrators for survival.  We urge that calls for withdrawal of GBV cases or indeed pardon of any perpetrators found guilty be disregarded.

As an organization we are concerned that despite efforts by various stakeholders in the fight against GBV, cases continue to rise.  We take note of several cases of GBV that have been recorded recently.  Of particular interest to us is the case of Mr Chilufya Chileya popularly known as Dr. Kalonga Kanono who is alleged to have shot his sister over a domestic matter. We observe that Dr. Kalonga Kanono has in the past years faced cases such as Assault, Defilement and Rape charges in which he has eluded prison, in some cases, due to insufficient evidence. His violent acts led to Kanyama residents rioting in December 2015. We demand that in this current case, of Dr. Kalonga Kanono, the due process of the law should ensure that he does not escape the jaws of justice as no one is above the law.

We also not with sadness yet again another case in Kitwe where a woman, Ms Christine Kitungu has been arrested in connection with her husband’s murder. Although statistics indicate that more women have lost their lives to GBV we note that the number of women finding themselves in such unfortunate circumstances is increasing. We ask that a multi-sectoral approach to the fight against GBV be employed because when lives are lost due to GBV, families, employers, government and the nation as a whole loses.  Government should spearhead a study to investigate what is leading to women and men resorting to such drastic measures.

As an organization we demand that government should lead a process of putting up a spirited fight against GBV in order for us as a people to arrest this vice.


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